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The Story of the Key Valley Railway

Special Presentation held at Komoka Community Centre on Friday, February 22, 2008

The Shay locomotive, that now resides at the Komoka Railway Museum, once earned its living on the Key Valley Railway.

The Kwigamog was a 72 foot passenger and log-hauling steamboat on the Pickerel River.  A model of this boat led Craig Dunn on a search for the Key Valley Railway which was served by the Kwigamog.  

Craig Dunn presented a picture history of the Key Valley Railway for the museum members and interested guests.  Craig took us back to the 1920s, the age of steam logging trains, steamboats, and early lumber production as we travelled with him on the Key Valley Railway from Pakesley to Lost Channel on the Pickerel River in northern Muskoka.  At that time the Schroeder Company owned one of the largest lumber mills in Ontario and provided the prime reason for the construction and operation of the Key Valley Railway.  

The trip involves pictures, maps, timetables, and aerial photographs. 

Craig has been researching this story for several years. He is the author of a picture history book of the Key Valley Railway that is scheduled to be published in late April 2008 by White Mountain Publications [].  Cost is yet to be determined. 

After the presentation, the building that houses the Shay locomotive was open so that all could see one of the locomotives that worked the line in that bygone era.